This is a simple web application for personal financial analysis. It is intended to be used with a data from internet banking (an exported bank statements) or with a manually created ones (a list of cash expenses). Everything is processed in the browser – no data is sent to the server.

I personally use this tool to monitor my incomes and expenses. Using filters such as housing, transportation, clothing, health... I basically create my personal cash flow statement (monthly or annual). Filters also help me hide movements between my accounts and similar distractions. From another point of view, for example, I can see how much my car has cost me over the years. For my personal use I even automated bank statement fetching from Fio bank (this is not enabled in this public version of the application).

How to use: 1) Enter data. 2) Adjust filters. 3) Manage your finance.

Development: from 2021. Technologies: JavaScript (ES6), Rollup.js, jQuery, Bootstrap 5, Chart.js, CodeMirror, Font Awesome. Simple object-oriented design. The source code is hosted on GitHub.


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